Rozkład materiału z j. angielskiego na listopad dla grupy V


  1. Three little ducks
    Three little ducks go out one day, mummy duck says: Quak
    But only two/ one/ none little ducks come back.
  2. Toys Song
    Toys, toys,
    What’s this? It’s a train/ plane/ doll/ ball/ bike/ kite/ book/ car.
  3. What is it?
    What is it? Is it a pen/ pencil/ ? No, it isn’t. IS IT A BOOK? Yes, it is.
  4. Can I have a robot, please?
    Can I have a robot/ doll/ scooter, please? Here you are, thank you!
  5. Let’s play
    Let’s play with a teddy/ doll/ car/ scooter/ balloon
  6. Fruit and vegetables song
    Apples and bananas, pears and strawberries
    I like oranges. I don’t like cherries.
    Cucumbers and carrots , mushrooms, tomatoes. I like peppers. I don’t like potatoes.
  7. In the garden
    In the garden we have a picnic in the garden
    I have apples, appleas
    I have pears, pears
    You have cherries and strawberries
  8. The enormouse sandwich
    Abracadabra the sandwich spell, I like sandwich with ham/egss/lettuce/tomatoes/chees/ chicken
  9. The sandwiches song
    Sandwiches/ tomatoes/ eggs are yummy,
    Sandwiches are great!
    Let’s put our sandwiches
    On a paper plate!
  10. Funny teddy
    Ha! Ha! Hee! Funny, funny teddy! A funny hand, a funny head, two funny feet on funny Ted.
  11. Getting dressed
    Get up in the morning and put on your clothes
    Get up in the morning and put your trousers / jumper on
    Get up in the morning and put on your… vest/ pants/socks/shirt/dress/ shoes
    Get up in the morning and get dressed!


What a mess
What a mess, clothes, clothes are everywhere, on the table, on the floor, by the window, by the door.

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