Rozkład materiału z j. angielskiego w listopadzie dla grupy III

1. Three little ducks
Three little ducks go out one day, mummy duck says: Quak
But only two/ one/ none little ducks come back.

2. Choo choo train
Girls/ boys on the train going choo, choo, chooo

3. Wash, wash, wash
A dress/ shirt/sweater/ jacket in the washing machine; wash, wash, wash , now it’s clean.

4. My funny teddy bear
Ha! Ha! Hee! Funny, funny teddy! A funny hand, a funny head, two funny feet on funny Ted.

5. Here’s a sandwich
Bread and butter,
Ham and cheese
Here’s a sandwich
Eat, please; thank you, mum!

6. Apples and Oranges
Apples and Oranges, pears and lemons, yummy
Cherries and melons.

7. The sandwiches song
Sandwiches/ tomatoes/ eggs are yummy,
Sandwiches are great!
Let’s put our sandwiches
On a paper plate!

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