Rozkład materiału z j. angielskiego na luty dla grupy III


  1. Socks and shoes
    Good morning Billy, put your socks on and then put on your shoes.
    Good morning, Molly put your socks on and then put on your shoes.
  2. Who’s that?
    Who’s that? Koko in a black hat.
    Who’s that? Siss in an orange hat.
    Who’s that? Zaza in a brown hat.
    Who’s that? Skip in a purple hat.
  3. Clothes song
    Let’s dress up ! Look at the hat/ trousers/ skirt/ boots.
  4. Dress Skip
    Socks, jeans, T-shirt, shoes, hat.
  5. Our little house
    Our little house has a roof,
    Our little house has a door,
    Our little house has windows, 1, 2, 3, 4
  6. Let’s have fun
    Walking in the rain, walking in the Sun,
    Walking , walking; Let’s have fun!
    Running in the rain, running in the Sun,
    Running, running; Let’s have fun!
    Jumping in the rain, jumping in the Sun,
    Jumping, jumping; Let’s have fun!
    Playing in the rain, playing in the Sun,
    Playing, playing; Let’s have fun!
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